Auto Pay

The PayMyDoctor website allows you to set up a payment plan for paying off your balance in partial payments. In addition to providing the date to pay, the amount of each payment, and your credit or debit card information, you must also provide the amount of each payment.


A payment plan can be set up only if you have a balance of $50.00 or more. You will not be able to select a payment plan if your balance is less than $50.00. Furthermore, you cannot set up a payment plan for less than $25.00 per month.

15 Steps For Setting Up Auto Pay

  1. Sign in to your PayMyDoctor account.
  2. Select “Payments” from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Set up a payment plan by clicking Set Up a Payment Plan.
  4. Get started by clicking Get Started. You can select a Term based on how long you want the payments to be made. You can select different terms based on the balance due.
  5. Simply click on the calendar icon and select the date for your first payment. The Last Payment Date is calculated automatically.
  6. Click View Entire Payment Schedule to view your scheduled payments. The information is displayed so that you can review it. When you complete setting up your payment plan, the same information will be emailed to you.
  7. Enter your contact phone number as Primary Phone.
  8. Click on Update Payment Plan.
  9. Select one of the Payment Methods, such as credit card, debit card, or create a new card.
  10. Enter the following information for the Billing Address.  Please enter your billing address information. We will automatically enter the person whose address appears on the statement.
  11. In Preferences, you can select the checkboxes to add the card to My Wallet and use it as a default for future transactions. The card can also be distinguished from other cards when it is saved to My Wallet by entering a Card Nickname.
  12. Review your enrollment by clicking Review Your Enrollment.
  13. Make sure the information you provided is accurate. Click Edit if your information needs to be changed. You can view your scheduled payments by clicking. You can view the entire payment schedule by clicking.
  14. You can confirm your agreement with the Terms & Conditions by checking the box. Click Cancel to cancel your payment plan if you do not accept the terms and conditions.
  15. To complete the Auto Pay process, click the submit button.